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Highly likely to recommend!!
Andrew helped us to purchase mobile home. Andrew and I sent the offer to buyer even seller accepted one already. But Andrew followed up with seller's agent and seller finally accepted our offer.
He was very responsibility and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him to everyone!
Chris Kang
About Me
Relationship, relationship, relationship! I believe that in any form of business, the relationship you build with your client is the most important thing. As a former youth pastor, I have learned the importance of building trust and understanding the needs of people. My hope and dream is that I can be a person that really help people to achieve the best version of themselves. With that in mind, I know that you as my client will help me become the best version of myself. As your realtor, I will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. WE do not end in a transaction, the end of a transaction is the beginning of an amazing story that we are going to create together.
Andrew Yang