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About Me
Hello, my name is Sunny Kim, a Realtor from JHT Group at EXP Realty. I came to the United States when I was in 5th grade and have lived at many different states and cities throughout the years. During that time, many realtors have helped my family look for places to live and move into and that’s when I started wanting to become a Realtor. To be someone who helps families look for a perfect home to live and settle into. Even though I’ve always wanted to become a Realtor, the process was not easy. I have worked in many different fields, including accounting firms, medical offices and as wedding planner. I was always in a field where I had to meet new people every day and learned that everyone has different stories and backgrounds and needs, but they all had one thing in common, the desire to live in their dream home. Having so much experience in meeting and helping new people every day, I am a person who puts relationships as the most critical value in life. I have a talent for engaging well and connecting well with people and I’ll use that to help you and your family with any real estate needs you may have. I know from my childhood experience, how important a home is and the memories you build from that home. I feel honored and obligated to serve all my clients like my own family and neighbors and wish to be able to help you too. Give me a call today; I’m also fluent in English and Korean.
Sunny Kim