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About Me

With a family background in construction and a personal background in marketing, I have always had a passion for the real estate industry from a young age. Living in both Los Angeles and Orange County for all of my life has made me an expert in understanding the different neighborhoods and communities that each city has to offer and how to match them with the individual needs of each client. As someone who has moved many times in my life, I am aware of how challenging the process can be and understand the importance of having a place to call home.

As a professional Realtor in California, my top priority is to always put my clients’ needs first and to provide constant support and assistance in any way that I can. Whether buying or selling, I promise to provide my expertise to allow for a smooth and easy process every time. I will devote my time and attention to the specific needs of each client and work hard to achieve the very best outcome in every transaction. My responsibility as a real estate agent is to be a resource to my clients and to provide the necessary tools needed to ensure a positive experience.

I truly believe that the most important aspect of any real estate transaction is the relationship that is formed between all parties involved. Nurturing these relationships is a crucial step towards achieving my ultimate goal of helping people and providing value to society.

Tim Rhee