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About Me
To me, real estate is more than a job. To educate, guide, and assist buyers and sellers in the real estate process is what I am most passionate about. As I learned more of what it means to be a Real Estate Agent, I discovered that there is so much that goes into what makes a truly great agent. A great agent goes beyond a client’s short term needs and wants. A great agent will work with you to understand what your future goals are. Whether those goals are to find a forever home and put down roots, invest and rent out, create cash flow, there is a strategy and roadmap involved. I was born and raised in Southern California. For most of life, I’ve moved and lived around various cities throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County. Over the years, I’ve seen dilapidated cities turn into bustling centers with skyrocketing home prices. I’ve also seen once thriving neighborhoods scattered with store fronts that are now out of business. A great agent must know not just the property itself, but the surrounding city and environment that could become one's hometown. During law school, I earned my Certificate in Dispute Resolution specializing in the art of negotiations. While practicing as an attorney, engaging in tough negotiations is an everyday task. I utilize these skills beyond the courtroom to help my clients secure the best deals possible. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or an investor looking for profitable property, I am determined to go above and beyond to be the best agent for you. My goal is to help you secure not just the property, but realize a successful and happy future.
Jennifer Han