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JHT Market Update - EP 18

Renting vs. Buying


The decision to change your address could be life changing, especially if that change is switching from renting to purchasing a home.

As realtors, we always believe that the benefits of owning outweigh any benefits of renting. Overall, homeownership can be a wise long-term choice for you and your family.

Renting can have potential monetary benefits, such as lower insurance and utility payments, but it’s important to remember your monthly housing payment is building your landlord’s equity.

The key is actually to build your own personal equity for long-term wealth.

As you make each monthly payment towards your monthly mortgage, you own more of your home. Even beyond the tangible benefits of home ownership is the emotional benefits and security that come with having a place to call your own.

While current interest rates are lower than ever before, you could secure yourself a low monthly payment and get more house for your money in this current market.

To the current market overview of the areas of Fullerton, Cypress & Yorba Linda over the past 7 days shows there are 56 new listings on the market, 57 new contracts and 68 sales.

*Opinions are our own and not the views of eXp Realty.

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